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      The Church at Victorville (TCVI) is a global Hebrew Yisraelite community, based in the High Desert of Southern California, USA. TCVI is a non-501(c)3 unincorporated association. TCVI is the home of KYCN (The Kingdom of Yisrael Community Network), KYCN Radio Station and KYCN MEDIA (YouTube). TCVI teaches that so-called African American people are in reality Hebrew Yisraelites of Judah and Jerusalem; and therefore, the rightful and legal executors of the Divine Covenants. We also teach that all true Gentile followers of Y'shua the Messiah are naturalized, grafted-in Yisraelite citizens, representing every kindred, tribe, nation and people.
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      The House of Dawid School of Governance is currently under development. Online classes are being designed to equip our elders and young lions with the skills to manage the affairs of the Kingdom - to "...rule and reign with Mashiakh," as it is written. We're midstream in the process of working out the details, including curriculum, dates, times and format. In the meantime, for those who are interested, the provided documents at the TCVI site are a good way to become familiarized with this grossly overlooked, and yet critical area of Kingdom studies. In addition to our current NLC meetings on Shabbat, the School of Governance will take place in the HDSG Classroom in this Community site, YAH willing! The classes will be open to all. But we will require that only elders and NLC members respond to the teaching with questions or comments.(New scheduling and other details will be announced by email, or posted in the U.R.) In the coming weeks, additional meetings will be held on Friday nights at 7:00pm (PST). At that time, the elders will come together in Shabbat rest, for prayer, prophecy, praise and fellowship. For more information, please leave your questions and comments, or contact us at: IT'S KINGDOM TIME. YAH Khai v'HalleluYAH!!!
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