• Yashah Ben Y'shua Yisrael posted an update 1 year, 4 months ago

    Shalom Beloved Family!

    UPDATE: The KYCN Radio website is well underway! The first draft will be ready tomorrow. After we make the needed changes, it will be up and running – a full-fledged, top-drawer Hebrew Yisraelite owned-and-operated royalty-paying online radio station!!! We’re now well into the six-digit range of listeners in the U.S. and Ghana West Africa! SPREAD THE WORD!

    “KYCN RADIO is the broadcasting outreach of The Kingdom of Yisrael Community Network, a Messianic Yisraelite Global Alliance, based in the High Desert of Southern California, USA. KYCN RADIO offers a variety of spiritual programming, including original Hebrew Yisraelite muzic, positive hip-hop, rap and soul muzic of all kinds, talk shows, lectures, live meetings, news and interviews.

    ‘The Soundz of The Kingdom’
    Muzic & Talk
    24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week