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Yashah Ben Y'shua Yisrael


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About Me

Yashah Ben Y’shua Yisrael is a Servant and Shaleakh-Apostle of Abba YHWH and Y’shua Ha Mashiakh-The Messiah, and Founder & Chief Shepherd of The Church at Victorville, and The Kingdom of Yisrael Community Network.

Sheliakh Yashah is among the sons of David, and has been a fervent and dedicated disciple of Ha Mashiach for thirty-nine years.

From his own “Damascus Road” during Sukkot in 1979 until today, this servant’s labor in Mashiyach has been constant and consistent. The Divine anointing which the Most High has graciously bestowed upon him has made his life and service truly unique…

From working and ministering at the pinnacle of the music industry and refusing to sell out;
to publicly challenging and rejecting traditional pastors, and raising a family…

To founding and guiding Preparing the Way Ministries and Preparing.org; to moderating the international Messianic open forum, Hebrew Israelites in Christ…

To teaching and mentoring local at-risk youth; to founding and directing The Kingdom of Yisrael Community Network…

This faithful servant’s labor among Yisrael has become a reliable source of edification and inspiration for many.

Across the years, the Elder’s calling has been greatly tested and proven in Ruakh Ha Qodesh, and borne witness to by men and women of YAH from around the world.


Servant and Sheleakh-Apostle of Abba YAH and Y'shua Ha Mashiakh/The Messiah.