Recommended Hebrew Yisraelite Facebook Groups

As we all know, social media is everywhere, and represents how we all socialize in this final season. But when it comes to Hebrew-aware social media groups, the list is endless - especially On Facebook.

Here's a list of community-minded Hebrew groups we recommend based upon first-hand experience. If any of you Hebrews have any sites in mind that aren't included here, send us the link(s) via the form below for approval. (If we reject a site, we'll send you a quick reply explaining why.)

Community & Kingdom Building

African Hebrew Israelite Community

The Kingdom of Yisrael Community Network (KYCN)

The Yisrael Family Farm

Hebrew Israelite Community Building Project

The Israelite Emergency Fund Network
The Gathering of Hebrew Israelites Worldwide

Generation Exodus... (Gen-Ex) The Gathering

Our Hebrew Family and Community

Worldwide Israelite Community

Cultural Development for the Descendants of the Tran-Atlantic Slave Trade

Discussion & Fellowship

Business & Commerce

Let's Talk... Biblical Discussions and Current Events

When I Woke Up I was a Hebrew Israelite

The Children of the Promise

Messianic Hebrew Israelites Faith International

The Kings and Queens of the Children of Yahudah

R.A.P. …Revelation, Armageddon & Prophecy, Yahweh vs. All Gods!!!!

Messianic Discussions and Fellowship

Great Awakening of the Hebrew Israelites
Hebrew Israelite Business group

Hebrew Business Network (HBN)

Israelite Trade and Exchange
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